PowerBlanket Outdoor Heating Solutions

PowerBlanket® patented heat spreading technology delivers a lightweight, targeted heating solution for a wide variety of applications. Use the PowerBlanket for concrete curing, ground thaw, barrel warmers, heat for your pets and more. The durable PowerBlanket can be used for virtually any indoor and rugged outdoor application and is UL/CSA compliant.
PowerBlanket concrete curing blanket. Unique Features of the PowerBlanket

The PowerBlanket outdoor heating blanket and insulated covering can be used for a variety of home heating and commercial construction applications. From large outdoor concrete curing projects to small snow melting, ground thawing and pet heating needs, electric PowerBlankets come in numerous shapes, sizes and temperature capabilities to meet your specific project requirements.

Common PowerBlanket Uses Include:  
     Concrete Curing   Heating for Pets
     Ground Thawing   Bucket Warmers
     Engine Warmers   Gas Cylinder Warmers
     Barrel Heaters   Foam Spray Box Warmers
     Hot Box and Tote Box Warmers   Equipment Warmer
     Numerous Farm Applications   Pipe Freeze Protection
Keep Construction Projects on Schedule all Winter Long with PowerBlanket Outdoor Electric Heating Blankets.

Convenient, safe and simple to use, the versatile PowerBlanket heating mats are ideal for construction professionals and "do-it-yourself" enthusiasts. The PowerBlanket can be driven on, pulled over rebar, dragged through mud and water, buried, and then rolled up until it is needed again.

Available in a variety of specialized designs, these convenient heating blankets extend far beyond the needs of concrete curing and outdoor construction projects. PowerBlankets are built to withstand the rigorous demands of outdoor projects and can be safely used in inclement weather. Order yours today!

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